Why Does
SureFiz® Work So Effectively?

It is so effective because it provides a complete and comprehensive framework. It does not leave any room for you to get off track. As soon as you are off track, it will pick you and put you back on track. It implements all the good practices into a single framework through innovative and disruptive techniques.

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Convert Desired Weight into Smaller Sub-Goals

It breaks your final weight goal into smaller sub goals based on natural weight loss distribution patent pending method. For some reason, if you could not achieve the sub goals it fine tunes the distribution curve to match your weight loss pattern. On the other hand, if you are achieving the sub goals too easily, it reassigns you with new set of sub goals. You don’t have to do anything but just step on the scale regularly. Research suggests that self-weighing in pursuit of specific interim (short-term) goals and a long-term goal is very effective.

Break the Barrier of Smart Scales

All the Surefiz® users enjoy a newly designed patent pending elegant WiFi bathroom scale which keep you informed of how far you from your sub goal and the overall progress are along with other key information. The current progress is displayed on the easy-to-read graphical screen. Above all this scale, of course not available anywhere else.

Deploy an Innovative Concept for Accountability

It introduces accountability circle concept, where you can pick family members or friends (or whomever) to be part of the credibility circle. This assures that you stay credible not only to Surefiz® but also to your chosen friends and family members. Study shows working in such a creditability circle you tend to stay on track more than likely. Surefiz® credibility circle has numerous other features to keep you on track.

Provide Instant Feedback

Based on your performance Surefiz® provides you with instant feedback every time you step on the scale. The feedback could be a reinforcement buck up or corrective instructions with steps to take to come back on the track.

Put you back on Track

The beauty of the program is it works like a modern GPS system. If you take a wrong exit or took a wrong turn, it will recalculate your sub goals or time to achieve your final goal weight. Its objective is you put back on track whenever you get off track. All those people who are overweight, once made an attempt and were off track and never came back. Surefiz® exactly takes care of this problem.

Affordable by All

Being the most elegant and effective program with all these key features along with many other best practice features Surefiz® will be affordable by all. There is no cost for the services. It will compliment with any other program you may be in like Wight Watchers etc. to enhance your outcome at very little extra cost.

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