Why Does
SureFiz® Work So Effectively?

It is so effective because it provides a complete and comprehensive framework. It does not leave any room for you to get off track. As soon as you are off track, it will pick you and put you back on track. It implements all the good practices into a single framework through innovative and disruptive techniques.

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Realtime and Offline Observation and Supervision

Monitor your patients weight remotely

They can be anywhere in the world

They can view their progress on scale and in app

Two Modes of Operations

Weight loss mode during active process to lose weight

Weight Maintenance after reaching desired weight

Modes are automatically adjusted, no intervention needed

Visuals for Patients and Provider

Nice and meaningful charts and graphs

Both for you and your patients

Weight,BMI, body composition, and BMR

Instant Feedback

As they step on the scale the receive instant feedback

The feedback comes from the AI algorithms

We can customize the contents of the feedback per you need

Patient's Communication

You can communicate to your patients through SureFiz

For common questions and answers app has access to human experts

The system can send alerts and motivational messages on your behalf

Customized Alerts for the Providers

SureFiz provides cutomized alerts for you and your staff

Effective communication between patient and provider

Educate your patients

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