Our Technology
Focus Areas as of Now

Our focus is on Artificial Intelligence, Health Tech, Remote Monitoring, Automation, Data Analytics, and Internet of Things. We weave AI with different technologies to offer a natural interface for you.

One example of such a fusion is SureFiz® . SureFiz® is a product of Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Automation and OSS/NMS, all infused with AI, ideal for weight loss service providers including medical doctors.

Obesity is overwhelmingly not only affecting our nation but this is very well recognized pandemic around the globe. This took our attention to Health and Fitness, especially weight loss and weight maintenance. We found the solution through technology to assist the weight loss medical community and fitness centers. This solution provides them a unique platform to manage and monitor their patients or clients remotely. It is a standalone product for individual as well.

More About SureFiz®

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they represent our technology focus areas.

Realistic Intelligence, No More Artificial

We make what people call Artificial look real. Stay tuned for our next offering through the project, Cognue Systems which will revolutionize how you live. Our mission is to offer realistic intelligent not only to technology savvy and affluent but also to all common man, women, children. Y'all gonna love it.

Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring are today’s need

Our current focus is telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Our product line devices provide remote monitoring and reporting systems. Our intelligent systems provide body composition along with, blood pressure, blood-sugar levels, oxygen level, heart rate, ECG, and temperature. The integration of these devices through AI provides quick analytics to physicians, dietitians, trainers, and other health experts.

SureFiz® the only winning Solution to Weight Management

Health and Fitness is very dear to us. Especially obesity, even children are caught up into this epidemic. We are continuously looking into the depth of the matter to refine the solution. We have implemented disruptive ideas to handle this issue. The beauty of our solution, SureFiz® is, it picks up the deficiencies and failure of existing solutions and remedies and resolve them with perfection. The living proof of the failure of existing solutions is that people are becoming overweight more and more every year.

Data analytics is the science of the unknown, you must know

There is a wealth of knowledge hidden in your hourly, daily logs of events and processes. Your operational and business intelligence is right in the data, in terms of logs, transactions, communications and/or anything you or your company does. Contact us we will help you to reveal the unknowns. You will make better business decision when the hidden data is revealed to you.

All things can be interconnected, even a plant!

We are living in a connected world. Most of the devices we used they don't work alone, they are generally connected somewhere, very common place is Clouds. Things connected with one another create a new thing with enhanced intelligence. Data Analytics and AI with Internet of Things potentially have the solutions to most of our modern life problems. Contact us to find how we can help you to get connected to solutions

Anything, literally anything, you can accomplish on a computer can be automated

We will be excited to help you automate to be more productive and reduce your OPEX. This strictly does not mean that we want you to get rid of people and have all your work done automatically, rather we would make your workforce more productive. Machines are not and never will be substitutes for human. This is a big misconception through various science fiction movies. Contact us, we will show you exactly how to enhance your productivity manyfold through automation!