FREE Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine

Our remote patient monitoring is more than just sending the data from patients to providers, it covers patient management as well on their behalf using realistic intelligence. The Telemedicine video consultation is unique, no need of setting up Zoom, meeting ID, etc., just one click from the provider’s dashboard, and the provider is on a video call with the intended patient.

The platform manages, communicates, educates, motivates, and monitors the patients in a holistic manner. Our solutions are customizable to match your and your patients’ exact needs.

Not only your patients can interact with the system, but the system also takes initiative to interact with your patients to the optimal patient outcome. The providers have the option to use our provided dashboard or we can integrate our platform with their EMR.

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We are inventive and unique to deliver
intelligent devices and
innovative medical solutions

Intelligent standalone and RPM devices: Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity

We manufacture medical standalone and RPM devices. We use our own manufactured devices in solutions and also sell them to other RPM providers at wholesale as well. Since we don’t have any middleman, you get quality FDA-approved quality devices at the lowest market price. For RPM, we sell blood glucose monitors and supplies, Blood pressure meters, body composition scales, oximeters, and ECG smartwatches. We can also make any customized medical device as well.


Our Devices

Our wide range of intelligent devices are available to you at guaranteed lowest price for your RPM, telemedicine and support business

Oximeter SM5562

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP1691

Smart Watch SFP5689

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP8852

Smart Watch SFP0222

WiFi Super Smart Scale SFP5562

Glucometer SFP8956

Bluetooth ECG Monitor SFP5523

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP3973

Smart Watch SFP4423

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP2256

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP2288

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP5556

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP2253

8-Electrode Body Composition Scale SFP7501

Blood Pressure Monitor SFP5546

8-Electrode Body Composition Scale SFP7503

Basic Body Composition Scale SFP7505

ECG Watch SFP0221

Oximeter SM5658

WiFi Super Smart Scale SFP5564

BT Smart Scale SFP5566

Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring

Our remote patient monitor (RPM) devices are FDA approved and provide real time and off-line accurate readings to the providers and the patients. Our RPM system is super intelligent using our trade marked AI and are fully secure servers and network. Along with the data our system optionally guides and educate your patients as first line of support. Providers in the USA can use the reimbursement codes: 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, and 99091 using our system and devices to generate additional revenue stream. The system is ideally suitable for Chronic Care Management as well.

Comprehensive Telemedicine and Telehealth

SureFiz Med is a HIPAA compliant secure video consultation system. It was all the elements for effective communication between the provider and the patient. We broke away from the corporate world of meetings and introduce provider’s room concept. No need to setting up meetings, just walk into the room, you patient is waiting for you. You are able to share patients results or any other document you may need to show to the patient. As we have intelligent patient care system along with remote patient monitoring, our telehealth is a one-stop shopping for primary, specialty, and chronic care.

Compliant, Reliable, and Intelligent Devices

We design and manufacture FDA compliant devices which go through vigorous white box and black box testing. We develop comprehensive and holistic solution around our devices such as, composition bathroom scales, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, oximeter, heart rate monitor, ECG wearable, and thermometers. The integration of these devices through AI provides quick analytics to physicians, dietitians, trainers, and other health experts. We sell our devices at whole sale as well, please contact us for detailed information.

Realistic Intelligence, No More Artificial®

We make what people call Artificial, look real. We weave our AI with our devices and platform in such a way, it does not remain artificial, hence our trade mark: Realistic Intelligence, No More Artificial®. Our mission is to offer realistic intelligent not only to technology savvy and affluent but also to all common man, women, children. You all will love it.

Data Analytics, Correlation, and Inference

There is a wealth of knowledge hidden in your hourly, daily logs of events and processes. Your operational and business intelligence is right in the data, in terms of logs, transactions, communications and/or anything you or your company does. We run real-time and offline analytics, corelate data and generate answers to unknow through AI inference. This is evedent in all our medical or non-medical solutions and platforms.

Internet of Things

We are living in a connected world. Most of the devices we used they don't work alone, they are generally connected somewhere, commonly through Clouds. Things connected with one another create community of devices (things) create a new thing with enhanced intelligence. Data Analytics and AI with Internet of Things potentially have the solutions to most of our modern-day life problems. We implement networking of devices in the most optimal fashion to yield optimal solution.


Our solutions and platform are implemented with an optimal automation for more productive outcome, least intervention of users, and to reduce your operational cost (OPEX). This makes our platform and solutions easy to use both for the end-users and the managing and monitoring team. We use automation processes to enhance user data security and to avoid errors and human mistakes, where needed for confirmation, we ask for human intervention for validation.


We follow philosophy of ‘low margin high volume’. Since we are full technology shop for hardware and software, we develop and design all of our products in house, we can pass on the savings to our customer. While we are conscious of pricing for our customers, we don’t dilute or compromise the quality, our quality remains superb.